Insurance and Warranty

We provide great warranties.

Ajax Roofing takes pride in its work and is determined to be the best at what they do. Ajax Roofing uses only high-quality materials with warranties to back them up. Ajax Roofing provides a twelve-year written guarantee that covers the entire roof.

Ajax Roofing & Repairs BBB accredited business profile


In all of our years in the roofing trade, we have never had an insurance claim. Part of the reason is that we do not use subcontractors at all. Using subcontractors is one of the leading causes of claims in the roofing industry. It is actually one of the first questions a roofer is asked when filling out the insurance questionnaire each year at renewal time, do you use subcontractors? YES or NO?

The insurance industry knows the problems with subcontractors and so do we. In our opinion, sub-contractors do not take the pride in roof installation that we have always required. All of our employees are highly skilled tradespeople paid per hour. One of the company owners is always on the roof or monitoring the crews constantly to keep quality control extremely high and any dangers leading to insurance claims extremely low. We believe that having one of the principal company owners in charge of each job site insures a quality job and a safe working environment.

We offer 50 year extended warranty’s offered though manufactures available upon request.

Ajax Roofing is an accredited business with:

Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Construction Safety Association of Ontario, Better Business Bureau